Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teething (I think)

The last four to five days, Cohen has been exceptionally irritable (in between bouts of smiles and attempted giggles and trying to "sing"). I think it is due to teething! He has been running a low grade fever and has been drooling a LOT. I put my finger in his mouth to see if he was still hungry (he'll usually try to suck on it :) and he just started biting down on it. No sign of any teeth yet, and he was a little happier yesterday, but I won't be surprised if we start to see teeth on this little guy in weeks to come!! I know it is early.. but it seems a likely possibility. He's been sitting in his highchair in the kitchen while we eat, and he just stares as Tom and I stuff our faces, like he wants to be in on the action!! No food yet... not til after his 4 month appointment on the 17th of this month. Then I will probably start him on rice cereal or something simple. He seems like he can't wait :) He is just getting used to his high chair right now- he seems to enjoy it, but not as much as when we would place him on his bouncer on TOP of the table.. where he was more the center of attention haha.
Cohen has been straightening his legs a lot and loves to stand on your lap or pretty much anywhere you put him. So I got out the Johnny Jumper yesterday... it was SOOO cute. He was a little too small for it so he was just hanging there, like "what the..." I just adore the scrutinizing look he gets on his face when he is unsure or doesn't know what is going on (Kind of like when we put him in the hiking backpack.. haha). He dangled there patiently for a little while and I tried to entertain him by bouncing him and swinging him (lightly of course), but he let me know after a few short minutes how dumb he thought the whole thing was and demanded that I take him out at once. Maybe next month....
Oh, but back to teething. I handed him a teether today and he LOVED it! He loved chewing on the hard rubber. At first I was just holding it in his mouth for him, (he grabbed both sides of my hand, trying to guide the teether in to his mouth), but then he grabbed for it with both hands and was able to awkwardly get it in his mouth for a few seconds at a time. He seemed thrilled by this at first, but then got frustrated that he could not seem to keep it in his mouth for very long. And then it was NAP TIME.. phew!!
I can't believe how fast he is growing up!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Journal Excerpts

I'll never forget the moment he was born. I could hear him start to cry as they carried him over to the bassinet to clean him off and make sure he was breathing okay. Tom couldn't stop looking at him. The nurse brought him over to me after a few minutes and laid him on my chest and he calmed down immediately. He laid there with his big eyes open and stared up at his mommy. I fell in love instantly! I had waited so long to meet this precious little boy and he was finally with me. That night in the hospital I could not sleep. He laid next to me in the bassinet and I attempted to feed him every time he woke up. Even when I would lay him back down I couldn't stop thinking about him. It was a special feeling to have him and Tom there with me in the hospital room.. even though Tom slept soundly most of that first night :)

Cohen was blessed yesterday by his Daddy. Grandpa Burnham and North were there, Uncle Matt, Brady Thomas, Roland, and Papa Burnham all joined in the circle.
We did it a little early (2.5 weeks old! Because that was the only time Grandma and Grandaddy North could make it down from Oregon). Cohen was blessed to live a long and healthy life. He was blessed with the desire to serve a mission and that he would find a wonderful wife and have a family. He was blessed to have charity toward others and always be an example of kindness. He was blessed to have the knowledge to be able to utilize the atonement in his life. Poor dad got emotional during the blessing (I LOVE these guys!!)
Unfortunately, Janet and I both forgot to bring a pen.. so no one wrote down the blessing! But those were the key points that I remember. The blessing was cut a little short because Cohen started letting out his "pterodactyl" cry in to the microphone :).
I bore my testimony that day about the atonement and how much happiness it has brought to my life and to my marriage. I am so grateful for my family and for this opportunity I have to be a mother. I love Cohen so much! Every day I worry that I could be doing something wrong! But I pray for him and for Tom and for myself that we will all be able to have the spirit with us so that we can make right choices and feel of the Savior's and each other's love daily in our home.

Cohen has been throwing up a bunch lately! It's been a bit of a challenge to get him on any sort of schedule because sometimes after i feed him, he throws everything up and then the clock starts over... He is napping right now and keeps letting out little high pitched screams but then will stop. I think he is having gas or trying to poop and it hurts his stomach. It is nice when he is napping, cuz then I can start to get things done.. like clean house, or write about him :), but by the time his naps are over I always miss him and can't wait to go pick him up. I am totally in love with this kid! And with Tom.. more than ever!!!
I couldn't be more satisfied with my life or my family. I am so grateful to have such a healthy and beautiful family that will last forever.


Cohen is so cute!! On Monday he had his 2 month appt and weighed 14lbs 2oz. He is getting so big! He has grown out of most of his 0-3 month clothes and is now in size 2 diapers (after several disgusting blowouts-- one in the car on the way home from Oregon!)
Cohen really stole the show when we visited Tom's family in Oregon. No one could get over how cute he is and everyone was always wanting to hold him.. especially Stephanie and Janet. Cohen has been sleeping through the night like a champ!! I've started moving his bed time a bit earlier (he goes down around 9pm instead of 11) and he has been sleeping til 7am. On mornings when I am tired, I'll put him back down and he'll sleep til 10!
He has had a major growth spurt, considering he was only 10lb 5oz when we left for Oregon! That may account for some of the sleeping :)
Cohen has gotten so much more alert in these last few weeks. He looks at mommy and daddy and smiles really big when we talk and sing to him. He seems to love music and little chants about how gross his poopy diapers are when I change him. He tries to giggle a little bit and talks a LOT. He seems anxious to communicate. He also loves to use his legs to push off mom and dad's laps. He gets frustrated easily during tummy time and refuses to turn his head to the left (his preferred side for sleeping is the right). But we've started propping his head in his carseat and making sure he goes to bed on his left side every other night.. his head was starting to look pretty deformed!!
Cohen LOVES baths and shower time with mom and dad! He will smile and gurgle in content. He seems to thoroughly enjoy the warm water and attention.
We love him so much. He really is a pretty easy baby. Even though he sleeps through the night most nights (and I mean really... pretty much every night), mom is up 3 or 4 times a night just to check on him. No colds yet! Cross your fingers.. this has been one healthy kid so far!!
Grandma Burnham loves to babysit Cohen and brags to all her friends in the ward about how cute he is. She has watched him a couple times during the day while I have gone back to work at Mi Ranchito. Mom is only gone for 3 or 4 ours but Cohen always greets her with a big smile when she comes home!! The other day I showed up right as Cohen had gone down for a nap.. I went in to look at him and he heard my voice. He made a couple soft squeaking noises that sounded so sad, like "mommy I missed you!" I picked him up and he was all smies. Then he happily went back down for naptime. Gosh, I love this kid!!

This kid gets cuter every day!!! He turned 3 months yesterday, and he is getting SO big!! On grandma's home bathroom scale, Cohen weighs over 16 lbs now! I run into children at work who are 8mo+ old and they are 16 lbs! So he is super huge but still so cute and cuddly. He sleeps solid through the night now, and has been for a few weeks. He is so happy and rested when I come to get him at 7am every morning. He loves to straighten his legs out and "stand" with the help of mom (I've read that it actually is not harmful to their little legs). He is trying SO hard to laugh.. it is so funny! Yesterday I was changing him and tickling his neck and he kept letting out a low gust of wind.. almost like a low chuckle. His mouth was wide open the entire time I was changing him and it was almost like he was wheezing, trying to get giggles out. So cute!! He sucks his thumb like crazy.. mostly when he is bored or tired. He can grasp toys if they are light enough and occasionally brings them to his mouth. His favorite is a shiny morracca he got from grandma.. and he loves to cuddle with his soft lamb. He also enjoys listening to his "twinkle little star" giraffe and the soft classical music that plays on his pack'n'play. Not too much of a crier. It was a bit of a challenge getting lil Cohen on a schedule in the beginning, but now he seems to expect it. He loves to laugh and play (he especially loves NEW settings and people), but when he gets tired he starts to fuss, almost as if to say "mommy, PLEASE go lay me down for a nap!" Once I do, he lies there quietly or sucks his thumb until he falls asleep. I love having such an awesome kid.
Oh, and he HATES getting his nose cleaned out with the squeegie thing... he YELLS with a big open mouth and let's mommy know he is NOT happy!
His burps are so cute... he lets out long and loud "adult" sounding burps, which are especially adorable coming from such a cute, handsome, sweet looking little man. Love being a mom.